Our eyes are among your most important organs. Your eyes not only allow you to see shapes and depth and variant colors however additionally help manage the light signals that keep your body’s internal clock running properly. Clear vision is extremely vital in today’s life and wishes to be taken care of, After all, we tend to all want a healthy and clear vision to perform all our activities. we tend to all work and perpetually depending on to electronic gadgets like transportable, TV and computer screens, our eyes get tired and need a correct medication.

So, I believed to give you some tips and precautions you ought to want to create your eyes feel good in each physical and medical conditions. cross-check few steps you ought to follow with healthy eyes.

1) Wash your eyes- Whenever you travel back home otherwise you are operating in your workplace do wash your eyes properly with cold water.

2) EYE Drop- Use a decent quality eye drop and pour it alternate days.

3) No Rubbing- don’t rub your eyes after you feel itch merely wash them

4) Eye Exercise- From smartphones to the idiot box, we tend to are victimization our eyes to stare at tiny fonts and pictures quite ever before. are you acting relaxation exercises? Try to do some eye exercise whenever you’re feeling bored with eyes.

5) Regular checkup- powerfully counseled by people who have a daily hassle with eyes, don’t ignore the attempt to visit a doctor if your eyes are worrying lots.


6) Sunglasses- it’s important for you to safeguard your eyes from sun’s radiation thus continuously use dark glasses whereas you travel out of your house.

Apart from the following tips.

See below some do and do not for your eyes.

1)Eat lots of food wealthy in vitamin a and vitamin c example sweet potatoes, butter, papaya, and blueberries.

2) don’t eat- spinach, collard greens, zucchini and Brussels sprouts.

3) Avoid having sweet foods a lot of sugar intake you do the more serious it’s for your eyes.

4) don’t smoke- it’s said that smoking will increase the risk of developing the risk of age-related macular degeneration.


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